Cyprus Service Specification

Any service that is offered by Service Companies in Cyprus, are described below, according to the 12 standard attributes that ate conform the Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) standards.

The importance, content and meaning of these attributes are described as:

1. Cyprus Service Consumer Benefits. This term is described as the set of benefits which are able for receivable and effectively functional for any official service customer. Those services are provided to any individual shortly after the offered service is requested or presented.

2. Cyprus Service-specific Functional Parameters. Those services are specifying the functional parameters which are vital and unique to the respective service. This term is used to describe the most important dimensions of the services output and outcome. An example of this might be the maximum e-mailbox capacity per registered that can be offered and the authorized e-mail service to customers.

3. Cyprus Service Delivery Point. This term is used to describe an actual physical location for example office, warehouse, company etc, where the facilities of that specified service are made available and receivable to the approved service customers. The awareness for the service delivery for that Service can be measured as well as the successful delivery of that particular service can easily monitored and controlled.

4. Cyprus Service Consumer Count. That type of service specifies the number of the future, identified, registered and official service clients which are authorized and enabled to call and operate or use the defined service for the implementation or supporting to their trade tasks or private manners.

5. Cyprus Service Readiness Times. This service specifies the agreed times per day that the service user’s benefits are available and authorized. The service customers at the particular service delivery point are able of receivable authorized service at the personal settled service level, including all service-relevant processes and resources that are functioning, as well as including all the service relevant technical systems that are running and up by the operating and development team. Those services benefits are delivered to any formal requesting service customer without any delay or resistance. The time data are specified in a 24 hour arrangement per local working day and time, and it is referring to the particular location of the intended service clients.

6. Cyprus Service Support Times. This type of services, specifies the determined and agreed times per day that the usage of specially made services are supported by the service desk team for every single identified, registered and authorized service customer. Through the distinct service’s support times, the service desk should be reachable by phone, e-mail, web-based entries and fax, correspondingly. The time that the data are specified is in a 24 hour configure per local working day and time, referring to the location of the deliberate service customers.

7. Cyprus Service Support Languages. This type of service specifies the national languages spoken by the service desk team to the service customers that have a request. In Cyprus the formal national language is Greek, but English is also spoken by service desks. However some companies can be also being provided with Russian assistance for their support desk.

8. Cyprus Service Fulfilment Target. This service specifies the service provider's assurance of successful and flawless delivery of the defined benefits to any official service customer requesting the service within the service times that are settled and agreed. This particular service effective fulfilment proportion can be deliberate and calculated per single service consumer or per customer group which may be referred to different time phase including workday, calenderer, work month, etc.

9. Cyprus Maximum Impairment Duration per Incident. This specifies the permissible maximum elapsing time hh: mm involving the first occurrence of service impairment, for example the service quality poverty or the service’s delivery interruption, at the time that the service customer consumes and operate the requested service, the full continuation and absolute execution of the service delivery to the content of the affected service customer.

10. Cyprus Service Delivering Duration. This service specifies the agreed and approved maximum phase of time for successfully delivering particular service’s and customer benefits to the requesting service customer at the currently chosen service and delivery point.

11. Cyprus Service Delivery Unit.  This service specifies the basic segment for delivering the distinct service customer benefits. This particular service delivery entity is acting as the reference and mapping object for all costs for service creation and delivery as well as for charging and billing the consumed service volume to the service customer who has made to order the service delivery.

12. Cyprus Service Delivering Price. This service specifies the amount of money usually in Euros according to the Cypriot existing currency; that the service customer has to pay for those particular service volumes his approved service clients have consumed. Usually, the service delivering price includes two pieces; a fixed basic price part for fundamental efforts and resources which provide ease of access and usability of that particular service delivery purpose, for example, service contact price covering the service use based on set flat rate cost per authorized service customer and delivery phase without regard on the consumed service volumes, staged charges are depending on consumed service volumes, set cost per particularly consumed service delivering component.