Service providers

We are currently living in a society that services are vital for our well being as they provide us with directly relevant resources, information or serve some of our needs that we are unable to curry out our selves. Service providers are now in days vital for the nation’s economy and for individuals that request their services.

Usually a service provider is an individual, company or organisation that provides services to other individuals within a society for private / domestic use where some services are specially made for companies and organisations.

Usually individual service providers can provide services that directly correspond to individuals and personal needs. However, service providers are also providing services to companies or organisations such as business and legal consultancy services.

When we are talking about service providers we are referring to an individual or company that does not sell a product but it ‘sells’ the delivery and accomplishing of a particular need.

Usually the term service provider is directly linked with computing and technology services such as internet service providers which are responsible for internet access, mobile phone operators which are responsible for telecommunications and many other related issues. Furthermore, this particular term in more that often being used for communication services and other related issues.