Types of Services

Professional Services
Many of the services offered in Cyprus can be provided and delivered by a qualified member of a profession due to the purview of his profession as well as services that by their nature can be carry out only by individuals or firms with dedicated and particular skills and knowledge; for example lawyers, accountants, doctors, security services etc. However, a service outcome may or may not consequence from the transaction; as the primary reason for the purchase is the service supplier.

Personal Services
An individual more than often requires some personal services. The term ‘personal services’ includes, but is not limited to specialised services such as architecture, accounting, legal services, medical, surveying services and engineering.

Health Services
In Cyprus, health services are the services used to perform by doctors, nurses and health care professionals to individuals who need their services. In Cyprus, health services included provide or public doctors, clinics and hospitals/public health services, behavioural health services including psychologists and psychiatrists, home and school health services usually provided by the government, and many other health services offered by individuals.

Ecosystem Services
The ecosystem services in Cyprus are used to serve, maintain and examine the conditions and processes in which natural ecosystems (flora and fauna), and the species that have an impact on them or those who directly create them. Examples of these usually include the provision of clean natural water, maintenance of liveable climates, pollination of crops and many other that are typically carry out by governmental bodies, and sometimes individuals.

Ancillary Services
Consistent organised operation services operating reserve such as the voltage control its regulation and frequency response, development, preparation and scheduling system control and other power supply services that are necessary to affect a consistent and reliable transfer of electrical energy at particular contract conditions between the customer and the service provider.

Corporate Service
A corporate service is a term used to describe services that are supported by a company, a manager, an employer normally in the private sector.

Legal and Judicial Community Service
Judicial services in Cyprus are used to serve community issues and are referring services that are performed as a form of restitution for a crime.