Service Providers

Service providers We are currently living in a society that services are vital for our well being as they provide us with directly relevant resources, information or serve some of our needs that we are unable to curry out our selves.

Types of Services

Types of Services Professional ServicesMany of the services offered in Cyprus can be provided and delivered by a qualified member of a profession due to the purview of his profession as well as services that by their nature can be carry out only by individuals or firms with dedicated and particular skills and knowledge; for example lawyers, accountants, doctors, security services etc.

Service Definitions

Service economic definitions and explanation Service can be defined as the economic activity that does not consequence to the ownership of goods and is argue to be a procedure that generates benefits by facilitating a change in clients, a change in their physical belongings, or a change in their intangible properties.

Service Specification

Cyprus Service Specification Any service that is offered by Service Companies in Cyprus, are described below, according to the 12 standard attributes that ate conform the Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) standards.